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HVB Photoluminescent Pigment Series

Highviz glow in the dark paint can be used for making signage and markings, decorations and acting as low-level emergency lighting.

Certified with ASTM F963-16 , ASTM F 963-16 (Clause 8.3),CPSC-CH-E1003-09.1 etc.

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Product code HVB
Appearance Solid powder
PH 10~12
Density 3.4 g/cm3
Molecular formula SrAl2O4:Eu+2,Dy+3
CAS number 12004-37-4
Daytime Color Light yellow
Glowing Color Yellowish green
Excitation wavelength 240~440nm
Luminous wavelength 520nm

1) Luminance test conditions: D65 standard light source, illuminance 1000LX, excitation 10min.
2) B particle size is suitable for casting, mold pouring and other processes. C and D sizes are suitable for printing, coating, injection molding and other processes. E and F particle sizes are suitable for printing, drawing and other processes.




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