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Where Can I Find The Cheapest And Best Glow In The Dark Pigment?

Photoluminescent pigment, even though being a niche product, there are still countless suppliers in the market selling it with all kinds of prices. It’s easy to get overwhelmed during the procurement if you are not a professional of the filed. So today we want to talk about some of the factors that decide the prices of the glow in the dark pigment, and how you can choose the one that best suits your application with low price.

HIGHVIZ’s glow in the dark pigment and some of its application


First of all, brand is one of the most important factors in deciding the price. Just like clothes, we all know that the clothes of big brands are often more expensive and better quality than the small brand. Same applies for the glow in the dark pigment industry. Big and more established factory will have much more strict quality control system and professional team. This ensures you will get photoluminescent pigment with stable quality and great before-and-after-sale service.


Some of the suppliers may even offer glow in the dark pigment as low as 10USD/KG. Please be wary because this kind of dirt cheap pigment is adulterated with silicon dioxide. It may looks the same as pigment with higher price at first glance, but after test you will find it has very poor luminosity and short glow time.


Secondly, glow in the dark pigment with different particle size also have different prices. This is because the production difficulty of photoluminescent pigment with different mesh is different, hence their production costs are also different. Glow in the dark pigment is made by firstly fire the raw materials at high temperature to make “glow in the dark blocks”, and then process the blocks into the various particle sizes through processes such as crushing, rail alignment, ball milling, and sieving. Some pigment needs more production time, which means higher labor costs, machine costs, etc., so its price will naturally be higher.


Finally, the difference in the glow time and luminosity of the glow in the dark pigment will also affect the price. Pigment with higher luminosity and glowtime will alsocostmore. So please choose according to your needs. For application in filed like emergency route indication, you will need to use pigment with the highest luminosity andglowtime, which will also be more expensive. If you are using the pigment to make toys, and the glow in the dark is just a novelty element, you can choose more moderatepricedmodels.

Beside the above factors, there are other factors that will also affect the price of glow in the dark pigment such as the price of raw materials, the amount of theorder, andwhether you are buying directly from the factory. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. To find the cheapest and high-quality glow in the dark pigment, awell establish photoluminescent factory will be your best choice.

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